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Where To Buy Original Earpiece In Nigeria

Earpiece which is generally referred to as headphones and earphones consists of a pair of little loudspeaker drivers which is worn around the head across the ear of the user. There are many stores where you can buy original earphones and headphones in Nigeria online and have them delivered to your doorsteps. You can get cheap headphones in Nigeria and there are stores for better headphone prices in Nigeria. I will share with you the stores where can get them in this article.

Where To Buy Original Earpiece In Nigeria




Jumia was formerly called Africa Internet Group ( AIG) which is a system of marketplaces, online commerce, applications and classified websites that are formed in the year 2012. They began in Lagos and the firm had presence in up to 23 countries of Africa. The firm that launched Jumia is the online shopping site for fashion and electronics which is a direct competitor to Konga and Kilimall. The Jumia market then was known as Kaymu which is an online market place that is based on September of 2012. Many Jumia platforms began and this include Jumia Travel which was previously known as Nova and was launched in 2013. Jumia Food, Jumia Car, Jumia House, Jumia Food also sprang up. Among them also are Jumia Deals and this was launched in April 2017. The firm launched a Ugandan office in the year 2014. By 2015, the firm have generated up to $234 million which is up to 265% growth. Jumia was also the first unicorn that was valued at up to 1 billion USD. In this Jumia store, you will get original headphones and earphones delivered right to your doorsteps. You will get them at a certain warranty. Jumia happens to be the first African firm listed in the list of the Smartest Companies in the year 2011.



This is an electronic commerce firm that was founded in July 2012 with their headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos State. Their services involve a third party online market including the first party direct retail which spans many categories that include fashion, consumer electronics, books, home appliances, healthcare and personal products including children items. The website was formed in the month of July in the year 2012 by Sim Shagaya that had 20 staff. Konga happened to raise up to $3.5 million shortly after they were launched in 2012. There was initial functioning of the site in Lagos and they were focusing on Personal Care categories, Beauty and Bay items. In the year 2013, Konga happened to raise up to $10 million and this was from Naspers and Investment AB Kinnevik. In January of 2015, Konga became the most visited Nigerian website according to Alexa Internet. Konga then made announcements that it had gotten assets and the license of Zinterest Nigeria Limited in June of 2015. Konga is among the most visited website of Nigeria and in this website, you get many original headphones and earphones. Konga headphones are very affordable. You can also make use of Konga Pay which is in partnership with the commercial banks so as to operate for only customers that operate only within the Konga platform.


Payporte can be said to be the preferred online retail store in Nigeria when it has to do with the quality of products and they have delivered on their brand promise and vast offices in the United Kingdom, United States of America and also China. Payporte was launched on the 25th day of the month of September 2014. They have thrived to make sure that there is catering for youths and young professionals offering many products that include accessories and fashion, furniture, fabrics, tech gadgets and more. The pioneered their store within the industry and this was on the 25th of January in the year 2016. The store is made up of high quality and affordable products which are sold up to not more than N1500. By offering many products on their platform which is done at the very prices including customer loyalty rewards, Payporte offers many experience and had their services in their website. They also had partnership with local enterprises by showing their goods on their platform to a much expanded audience. You can visit the website of Payporte for many collections of original earphones and headphones. There are many types of earphones and headphones to choose from and you can get them online in Nigeria. The company was voted among the best company.



Alex Oxenford and Fabrics Grinda began the firm as an alternative to Craigslist for countries apart from the United States. The media of South Africa acquired most of the OLX in the year 2010 and up to 95% of the firm in the year 2014. The OLX marketplace promotes selling and buying of goods and services like earphones, headphones, cars and bikes. The website has up to 11 billion page views and up to 200 million users who are active. In the year 2007, OLX had investments. In the year 2008, the growth of the website has to do with its union with Friendster. In the year 2008, OLX did investment on ‘ Web 2.0’ and there were features like improved search, social network widgets and mobile versions. The OLX company had many investments in TV adverts. The CEO of OLX who is Alec Oxenford confirmed that the use of the internet by more people ranging from 3 billion people upwards have made TVs a more effective enterprise in terms of driving traffic to websites than it used to be in the early times preceding the dot com era. OLX then acted as ‘ wealth former ‘ to markets which enabled people to monetize their possessions and services. You can get original earphones and headphones from this OLX.



Dealdey is another website where you can get earphones and headphones online in Nigeria. The firm was launched in the year 2011 and they feature on a daily basis the things to buy in Nigeria. This was a great way to get better online deals in Nigeria. They support local transactions and in return they also have support for customers with savings. The featured transactions and members are well suited for Nigerians. This is another place you can get earphones and headphones online in Nigeria.



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They are among the leading online store in Nigeria that offer some flexible services. They offer you many kinds of home/office appliances, electronics, cameras and many others. They have a magnificent customer service. They offer free and quick delivery service so as to ensure there is no delay of orders for any reason. This is another website where you can get better earphones and headphones online in Nigeria.



The website is another online store in Nigeria where you can get earphones and headphones in Nigeria. Kilimall is an African e- commerce firm which operates currently in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. The firm was formed in Kenya in the year 2014. The website runs up to 3 e- commerce models and this is through shopping online. You can get original earphones and headphones in Nigeria in this website.


These online stores make it better to purchase goods and services online. You pay for them online and they are delivered to your doorsteps. You can visit their websites for further directives and you can ask questions using our comment box if you have any.

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