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Ways You Can Pay Online


Online installment is currently a creating pattern in Nigeria. Transactions done online in Nigeria are expanding ordinary.

Numerous online installment strategies exist and I will impart to you in this article the best techniques for making on the web installments in Nigeria using Technology.

Ways You Can Pay Online


Alertpay (NowPayza)

This online payment works in US dollars. Accessible alternatives exist for exchanging cash to your Nigerian account. Payza utilizes moment payment notification that empowers one to know through IPN handler that installments has been made and this can be used for stock refresh or sending of mail to purchasers. This online podium  is exceptionally operational inside Nigeria and it is among the best strategies for making on the online payment in Nigeria. It makes utilization of electronic trade techniques, operational corporate payment, settlements crosswise over various parts of the globe. This installment portal empowers its clients to work with adaptable and productive stacking with odds of withdrawal like worldwide bank wire frameworks, prepaid cards, credit and platinum card framework, neighborhood bank exchanges and so on. It has up to 9 million individuals and is operational in 197 nations.


This is a noteworthy payment L in Nigeria that encourages one to make payment online making use of entranzact holders and voguepay or visa cards. The individuals who make use of MasterCard should join when they need to deliver their payments. This is an easy to understand payment strategy and it empowers them to get paid for services rendered without utilizing charges for set up. The payment portal can be utilized for doing global and nearby payment tasks. Regardless of whether you don’t have a site, you can get and exchange assets or start installments and have them gotten through email and SMS. This is outstanding amongst other payment passages you can use in Nigeria.



 Peak Bank Global Pay

This payment type makes use of the web and it empowers you to acknowledge payments from clients over all parts of the world. This payment type accompanies an incorporation that empowers you to get payments from numerous nearby and worldwide Mastercards. This payment technique gives your site a worldwide affair and grows your clients. On the off chance that you take part in online business exercises, your clients originate from over the globe and Global Pay can be your installment stage. They acknowledge nearby interswitch, worldwide, MasterCard, visa and etractzact. You can check your exchanges as they happen. You can make realtime online payments and furthermore get as they are made into your record. They acknowledge multi card choices and announcing of exchanges is accessible including wide effort


This payment strategy is made as a believable option in contrast to all exchanges that are check based or money. This is a multi application, multi fanned, multi channel framework that is legitimate for every single primary system and they incorporate AMEX, VISA and MasterCard. It requests various channels by making utilization of programmed frameworks that has elective strategies. This installment technique makes utilization of substantial exchanges after which security checks are kept running on the installment cards. The security check ensures the card data and diminishes the managerial overhead of checks including printed and returned checks.


 GT BankPay

This payment strategy is another good payment system and it causes shippers to get payments from both nearby and worldwide payment cards. The card is acknowledged universally with both MasterCard and visa. The exchanges occur in an auspicious way and it offers GT observing log that empower dealers to see exchanges. It is an advantageous payment strategy and there is advancement of cashless exchanges.

2Checkout ( 2CO)

The checkout bargains on the exchanging of numerous items and system in computerized shape. 2Checkout was shaped in the year 2000 and they bolster works that incorporate budgetary announcing, extortion avoidance, member following, client administration, deals and money related revealing. This payment stage has been experiencing a sensible development from its initiation. They render a quality administration to new and existing customers. Payments are acknowledged from clients from up to 200 nations on the planet.


Money emissary

This payment strategy is an electronic payment technique that allows you make payments and transfer money online. You can use the Nigerian debit card to support your money agent account. Funding of your money agent record should likewise be possible by making on the web bank exchanges. They render payment preparing services for online sites  and merchants. The money envoy requires an exchange charge of a specific level of cash that is sent which incorporate an additional settled sum. The payment strategy is a restricted risk organization that has a place with the free private segment. Traders can influence their payments and their settlements to can be made to different dealers. There is no charge membership, no withdrawal and no combination. You can use that with satisfactory records of exchanges. Sending cash can happen without sharing of money related data and this should be possible utilizing your financial balances and platinum cards.

 Straightforward Pay

This payment strategy helps any customer that has an email to sufficiently, safely and cost adequately make and get online installments. They render services to independent companies and online shippers. The system is framed on financial balances and Mastercards. This technique for installment empowers clients to make their free installment and this is empowered for PCs and web empowered cell phones. The framework empowers anybody that has an email record to send and get credits. By offering these credits back to Simple Pay, you can reclaim the credits for their money comparable.


Interswitch Internet Pay

This payment strategy empowers an payment system that will in general be constantly accessible. This is secure, versatile and solid for performing electronic exchanges in a useful, assorted institutional, disconnected and online condition. They acknowledge exchanges from a shifted scope of conveyance installment channels driving them to outside systems. They bolster real systems including verve, MasterCard and China Union Pay separated from different systems. The door is an open system that capacities with objective database technology.

VTN, softpurse and fastecash

They assist you with receiving payments from individuals that work accounts that has a processor in the meantime. They hold your electronic current in the naira and you can make your withdrawals and payments making utilization of your ledger. You can likewise utilize VTN to get and send naira on the web and this encourages you to subsidize your record for shifted purposes.


These are the best  payment techniques  in Nigeria. At this point you should have know which that is best for you.

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