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Top Parental Control Apps for your Kids’ Smartphone


Nowadays, even little children love to play games on their parent’s cell phone and unquestionably, most teenagers cell phones in their pocket. Well technology has accompanied the two its positive and negative sides. Be that as it may, the guardians/parents should be somewhat more aware with respect to their kid’s use of cell phones. This is on the grounds that, children can regularly turn powerless and absolutely, bad things draw in children quicker than the great ones.

Furthermore, issues can end up being not serious because of the way that the children normally don’t can possibly differentiate between the  good and the bad. To make things less demanding for the guardians/parents, here I would show probably the best parental control applications that would enable you to track usage and location, limit time spend on the phone and square unique applications or games as vital. Therefore, these applications would most likely help you to hold your children’s habits under tight restraints!

Top Parental Control Apps for your Kids’ Smartphone



this accompanies an exceptionally easy to understand interface alongside a dashboard that causes you find out pretty much all the ongoing portable action and monitor other associated gadget too. It even informs you about the time spent on explicit platforms like Twitter or Instagram or recreations and applications as well. In this way, you can set time breaking points to every one of them according to your requirement. You can track messages, calls and filter through suggestive destinations. This application functions admirably for Kindle as well with the goal that you can ensure your kids regardless of whether they are on your Amazon gadget.

 Family Time

It offers SOS and Pick Me Up choices for kid and in addition enable you to monitor calls and SMS signing on the phone and also geofencing. In this way, it gives an aggregate security to your children’s use of the computerized world with a simple to set up highlight.



Pumpic is very compelling on the off chance that you are searching for approaches to track your child’s activity on the telephone. It even gives you a record of the device loction and additionally you can block different site visits and set time plans dependent on your fit by using this application.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

It is very moderate and gives an adaptable control of device and application use. It includes different features, for example, broad ready system, vigorous web filtering and geo fencing. Be that as it may, it has a few restrictions for the iOS devices.


Net Nanny

This application has been soaring as extraordinary compared to other parental control applications after some time. It accompanies choices, for example, internet filter, pornography blocker, cautions about action, time timetables, and use reports. This will enable you to keep a steady beware of your children and help you get the subtleties of each action that they have been doing via telephone. Not simply that, this application even accompanies an extra element, the obscenity channel which will enable your children to visit distinctive site pages however will hinder the terrible words without intruding on their use.

#. Norton Family Premier:

Norton Family Premier is accepted to convey the best blend of web filtering, area tracking and application management. It works the best when introduced on Android devices since it accompanies a few impediments when introduced on iPhones. It is viewed as a standout amongst other decision for parental control applications, as proposed by a few specialists subsequent to finishing through different tests. Albeit none of the parent control applications is flawless, yet at the same time they are equipped for monitor your children’s action over the web and enables guardians to think about whom they are imparting to and additionally limit them from various frightful locales. In general, this methodology can enable guardians to show their children their cutoff points on the computerized stage.

knowing the location of your kids and what there do online just became more easy with these amazing applications mentioned in this article.


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