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Things You NEVER Knew You Could Do with WhatsApp


Whatsapp is a social application, WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform instant  and Voice over IP (VoIP) service. The application permits you send instant messages, make voice calls, and additionally video calls, exchange pictures and other media and pinpoint users’ location. WhatsApp has more than 1 billion day by day users and has kept on enhancing its highlights to keep the client base locked in.

In this article will be discussing how things you don’t know you could on Whatsapp, and also how to;

 Things You NEVER Knew You Could Do with WhatsApp


Saves Data:

One of things you can do Whatsapp is saving your data by stop saving photos, videos and songs. You realize that feeling you get when you are looking through your gallery and you run over some photos/videos you have no clue how they got there? Or then again, how humiliated you feel while going through your gallery with a companion and ‘puff’ a picture that does not supplement your identity flies out? This is because WhatsApp auto-downloads photos sent by your contacts or groups,you can disable it.

Go to “Settings” tab on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen [ menu – > settings on Android ] >> “Data and Storage Usage” >> On the “Media auto-download” area, tap either “when using mobile information, when connected  with Wi-Fi or when roaming” and uncheck the suitable media you would prefer not to download automatically.Now, to download any media, just tap on it when somebody sends it to you.

Respect yourself:

Another thing you can do on your Whatsapp messages is to unsend messages you mistakenly send. Have you wrongly sent your supervisor/spouse/accomplice an implicating message and wish you can take it back? WhatsApp past due feature called “delete for everyone” act the hero. This gives you a chance to review messages that you didn’t intend to send, humiliated about or don’t need your contact to keep.

Tap and hold any visit >> tap the delete symbol (icon) >> tap on “Delete for everyone”. you can just erase messages that have not gone on for over 7 minutes.


 Use WhatsApp on your PC

Does your work environment or workplace  have a no “mobile device on desk” policy? Is it accurate to say that you are the sort that takes convenience break just to use WhatsApp in the bathroom? Do you switch between your telephone and PC to answer messages at whatever point you are working?. WhatsApp Web gives you a chance to get to your messages from your desktop/laptop.

Go to “Settings” tab on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen [ menu for Android ] >> select WhatsApp Web .At that point go to and check the QR Code with your telephone ( ensure you have a functioning internet connection, ideally interface with a Wifi to save money on information) and your contact and visits will be

 Know Your Customers: Identify your most active contacts

Have you ever ponder who your most active contacts are or which group you are generally active? Indeed, you can know them.

Go to “Settings” tab on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen [ menu >> settings on Android ] >> tap on “Data Usage” and after that go to “storage Usage”You will see a positioning of which contacts/groups you invest the vast majority of your energy on.You can tap on any of the discussions to see point by point details of precisely what number of messages, photos, audios, audio and documents you have sent to that contact/group.


 Save data when you make voice calls

As per Mashable, more than 55 million video calls are made on WhatsApp every day. Also, must of us squander tones of information credit. Here is the means by which to save your data.

* Go to “Settings” tab on the base right of your WhatsApp screen [ menu – > settings on Android ] >> “Data and Storage Usage” >> enable the “Low Data Usage” flip.


 Bring live to chats: Format your messages

You can energize any of your messages by essentially highlight it, tapping and holding it. At that point, tap any of the formatting options for (at the best) – strong, italic, strikethrough or monospace.

Share your location: Live location sharing

Live location sharing is an approach to impart your live location to your contacts and groups you have a place as it updates on a map.To share your location, tap the attach icon on Android or the in addition to symbol on iPhone >> select Location >> Share Live Location.

At the present time you can just look over one of the preset choices – 15 minutes, 60 minutes (default), and 8 hours and alternatively enter some message.To see a rundown of your identity imparting your live area to, go to settings >> account >> protection >> live area


Be undetectable: Go Incognito

WhatsApp has a read receipt warning, blue ticks of misery as I call it, last observed at, and a record when you see a contact status updates. You can go incognito (invisible) on WhatsApp without anyone knowing whether you are on the online or not, read their messages or seen their status updates.

This is especially valuable when you get messages and don’t have room schedule-wise to react and in the meantime would prefer not to your contact to realize you have perused their messages, in case they think you are disregarding them on the off chance that you don’t react on time.

To go incoginto, go to “Settings” tab on the base right of your WhatsApp screen [ menu – > settings on Android ] >> account >> security, tap on “Last Seen” and select “Nobody”, look down to “Read Receipts” uncheck/untick. You can likewise shroud your profile photo by setting it to “Nobody”.

Call your friends by their right names: Contact Sync

Now and again it is disappointing in the wake of renaming one of your contacts and it is as yet mirroring the old name. This typically happens when you save a contact with an incorrectly spelled name, and the wrong name is now reflecting  on your WhatsApp contact and once you rename it, the old name still reflects.

Assuming you bump out of a relationship, and you have your partner’s name saved with a little spice to it. Furthermore, when you change it on your contacts in touch with, you discover that despite everything it indicates “Sweetheart”.

Whatsapp has a method for settling this issue, go to visit tab >> tap on the message icon at the bottom right >> tap on the reversed 3 dabs >> Refresh.

Now you know things you can do with whatsapp after reading this article,now its just to put them into practice





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