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list of small business you can start with N10000 or N20000 (with pictures)

Over the world, individuals are searching for small business they can do to meetup with their day by day growing spending. With the world’s quick rising rate of unemployment, it has turned out to be foremost that each unemployed youth begins a business regardless of how little the business may be at the beginning stage.

In Nigeria, youth joblessness is as high as 60%. The number continues to increase in geometric succession.

list of small business you can start with N10000 or N20000

75% of university lecturers trust they are adequately preparing their students for the workforce.

On the other hand, just 40 for every employer take a similar view.

As a rule, it isn’t that those jobless are not willing to begin a business but rather their concern lies on finding the best business ideas to do with minimal capital they have at hand or could raise.

So, if you are one of those that have little money like one hundred thousand naira (N100000), eight thousand naira (N80000), sixty thousand naira (N60000), fifty thousand naira (N50000), forty thousand naira (N40000), twenty thousand naira (N20000), even ten thousand naira (N10000) and the zeal to do business is in you;

I have below a list of businesses you can start with such amount of money (N10, 000 –N100, 000 naira). Even if you don’t want to kick start immediately, you can prepare yourself to begin any of these businesses in 2018 or in the year to come.

However, be aware that delay is dangerous; the earlier the better.


What do you require to prevail in any of the business?

• focus

• Right mindset

• Passion

• Dedication

• indept knowledge where necessary

For what reason will these less capital business succceed well in Africa particularly Nigeria?

Truly! Businesses started in a populous continent like Africa is bound to thrive very well.

Africa is one of populated continent in the world with a 38 percent urban population, India (30 percent) and nearly as China (45 percent).

52 African cities have a population of more than one million people.

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest nation by population. Lagos state alone record 17.5 million in populace as per Lagos state government however most recent report estimates the population at 21,642,797, making Lagos biggest city in Africa and the seventh quickest developing city on the planet.

Kano as evaluated by the Kano state government records 3,626,068 in populace. Ibadan has an aggregate populace of 3,500,000 starting at 2015; Abuja 3,000,000; Port-Harcourt 1,947,000 and so on.

So with this high population in Nigerian urban communities and provincial regions, businesses are bound to do very well if all things being equal.

updated 2018: the figures above are based 0n 2018 reports

Let’s explore these business ideas and see if it’s something you would want to give a try…

I conducted an extensive research on various businesses and have thought of these couple of businesses you can start up with a range of capital of Ten Thousand Naira to one hundred thousand naira (N10, 000 – N100, 000).

You can begin these Businesses with One Hundred thousand naira (N100, 000) or less than hundred thousand naira depending on how huge you wish to start.

25 various kinds of Profitable Businesses to Start up with one Hundred thousand (N100000) to lees than hundred thousand naira in Nigeria

Here are the businesses that I’m revealing to you that you can do with one hundred thousand naira or below hundred thousand naira;

 Beer parlour/Beer bar business

Beer Parlour business is requires less capital start up.

One hundred thousand naira will be enough to start a beer parlour business. Beer bars/parlours have become the top recreation destination for single and married couple, business people and the tourists.

To draw huge customers and make more profit in your Beer Bars business, a full restaurant is smoke option and chilled beers which are served with snacks, fried snail, beef popularly called suya, chicken barbecue and fish pepper soup are added.

With huge popularity of football fans in Nigeria and many other parts of Africa, if you add big-size TV to display football game, more customers of different classes of people will be attracted to the beer bars.

Sometimes, especially weekends you can hire live bands to provide entertainment

A decent area in a heavily populated and accessible part of town with a competitive and incredible customer service is fundamental to the accomplishment of this business.

Small scale Importation business

Importation business is an extremely lucrative business and simple to begin with as little as N10, 000 or more.

Normally, you make profit on each deal and afterward continue expanding the business.

However, to succeed in this business you need to understand the dos and don’ts of the business.

The web has made everything easier for us. you can order a product even from your smartphone and have it delivered to you without much hassle or stress and also resell in the same manner

Restaurant business

Most single young ladies and men of these days prefer eating at well decent restaurant where delicious food is being served.

Restaurant business is a flourishing business especially in most cities like Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Aba, etc where people are highly busy that never find time to cook by themselves.

The business is not capital intensive. With N70000 you can do this business. The two most important things necessary to succeed in this business are ability cook nicely and neatness


one of the most lucrative business you can begin in your community is production business.

One fortunate thing about production business is that you can fix and control the market cost for the product or item you produce as opposed to thoroughly being control by market forces of demand and supply. Generally, most production businesss are capital intensive because of the high cost of machines used in production.

Beginning a production business can cost you as high as N300000, N500000, N1000000, and N200000, N750000, and N2000000+ depending onwhat you intend to produce.

Be that as it may, you can at still start some production business with capital as low as N100, 000.

Here are some production business that you begin with One hundred thousand naira

Perfume and liquid soap production

This business requires basic chemistry knowledge. With a capital of less than N80000 naira, you can start perfume and liquid soap production.

For your liquid soap production, your first target market should be restaurant, hotel, fast food joints, beer parlours and catering centres.

For the perfume production, you first target market should be high class professionals like bankers, lecturers, marketers, teachers and other service professional

fresh fruit juice production

The Fresh fruit juice production business is one of the beneficial independent ventures in Nigeria that is often negleted.

The business is very lucrative especially when located in populated areas like Lagos, Anambra, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Aba, Kano.

fresh fruit juices are served cold in filling stations, market places,recreational centres etc.

aside the cost of of purchasing refrigerator and Generator, you can begin fuit juice production with a sum as low as N10000; N20000; N30000; N50000.


These Agricultural businesses can be started as a sole-proprietor business and then grown into a full blown Limited Liability Company.

Here are agricultural business that you can start with capital as low as N100000;

Rice milling business

Rice milling is a fast moving business that thrive very in rural and sub-urban locality.

This business often predominates in places like Abakaliki, Benue, Ajibode, Benin.

Mechanizing this business in these areas is worth rewarding, however, mechanizing it may requires a startup capital of at-least 250000 -300000)

Palm oil processing and milling business

Commercial palm oil processing and preparing may require a startup capital of N400,000.

Rice processing

Rice processing is a rural and sub-urban lucrative agricultural business.

New innovation and cost of machine for processing rice has radically influenced the start-up capital of this business.

With the latest technology in rice processing, beginning rice processing business can cost as high as N250,000 to N750,000.

Small scale fish fingerling

Fish Fingerling is easy to start especially where there is availability of water supply.

With the sum of N90, 000 to N80, 000 one can set up a small scale fish fingerling. In this business, you can be making over 100% returns but it requires care and monitory.

Good water ph and climate conditions are necessary for the success of this business.

Snail farming

Snail farming isn’t hard to begin and you don’t require up to N100,000 Naira to begin this business. With 50K to 80K, you can begin snail farming in your area.

Snail is extremely expensive in eateries and hotels where they serve. Thus, after you finish growing your snails, you can simply take them to eateries and hotelsfor sale.

Snail is a hot market and a business opportunity for high class individuals.

Broiler poultry farming

This is one of the easiest businesses to start with little money. With N20, 000+ you can do this business.

The business does not does not require skill. The major thing you needed in this business is availability of space and water supply.

Day old chicken (boiler) may cost N150/each, so you can with 50 chickens which cost a total of N7500.

In less than 9 weeks, you can start selling these birds at the rate of N1800 to N2000 naira per each. However, bear in mind that this business is seasonal although it can done at all time.

Dog breeding

dog breeding business is very lucrative . A few people breed the puppies for meat (famously called 404) and others for pet purposes. The business is a lucrative one.

With seventy thousand naira (N70, 000), you can buy a female English dog and breed. when it delivers it can bring forth seven to eight puppies which you can sell at the rate of seventy thousand naira each.

Themajor financial challenge in this business is the cost of feeding your dogsand puppies.this business is for people that like dogs.

Small scale piggery farming

Piggery farming is one the oldest lucrative business. Some people in the northern part of Nigeria, especially those with cold weather consume pork meat so much.

You can start piggery farming with N60000+ and sometimes you need to employ an assistant.

Cell phone and accessories business

Mobile telephones accesssories business is a very lucrative business here in nigerian especially because of the rising use of phones and gadgets in the country.

An aggregate capital of N20000 will be sufficient to start the business in a small scale be that as it may if you are to begin the business in more substantial scale, the cost of beginning will increase

Computer parts and repair business

skills on computer hardware repair and software troubleshooting are required in this business.

You can easily acquire this skill or knowledge by attaching yourself to an experience computer hardware and software repair expert before you starting your own computer repair business.

Usually, starting this business will not cost you up to N80000 and you can make big time when you become so popular.

bead making business

Video centre, music and film copyright/leasing business

fast selling business – Most quick selling business are best begun small and grow later.

This take into consideration testing varieties of items before settling with high profit yielding ones.

Women and baby wears has turned out to be lucrative and quick moving item to sell in Nigeria. Okirika Ladies and Babies wears are likewise in this classification of business.

sales of women bags, Jewelleries, wrist watches and persumes

sales of children wear.

from my intensive research these are the most lucrative business you can start with as low as 5k,10k,15k,20k,30k,50k,100k, in nigeria
feel free to add more business ideas on the comment box.thank you.

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