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HP 255 G6: Price And Specifications In Nigeria

HP 255 G6 is a product of the HP company and this company is an American technology company and they have their headquarters in California. They are into the provision and development of different categories of the components of hardware and this include consumer services and software services and they make many HP laptops.

HP offers these services to medium and small scale businesses and big enterprises and customers from the educational, government and health sectors are part of it.

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Company Founders of HP

HP 255 G6
The founders of this company are David Packard and William Redington Hewlett both electrical engineers and they became the planet’s top maker of PC between 2007 and 2013. They are also into the manufacturing, developing and designing various softwares.

The company HP has its origins in Palalto in a garage and in the year 1938, Hewlett and his colleague Packard starting working part-time in a garage and the initial capital of that investment was at US$538. Formalisation of the partnership between Packard and Hewlett took place in the year 1939. You can get this laptop now on Jumia

There was partnership between Yokogawa Electric and Sony and this partnership was in the year 1960. Later the Yokogawa and HP joined together and next was the marketing of HP products in Japan.

How HP became the company name

There was tossing of coin to determine the name of the company and the names to choose from were Hewlett Packard (HP) and Packard Hewlett, however Hewlett Packard prevailed and the company became incorporated and that was in 1947 and from there they worked on many projects.

Introducing HP 255 G6

The device parades a design that is mobile and durable and the laptop HP 255 G6 has cost effective performance. It features the 7th generation APUs, AMD, a display that is sizeable and other features that are standard and if Intel processors is what is preferable to you, then this laptop is for you.

Where You Can Purchase HP 255 G6

This laptop is available in Jumia and in Konga and you can also purchase it from many other retail outlets and shops. The price of HP 255 ranges around 95000 and this is dependent on the laptop configuration and location. Also price in Ghana ranges from GHC 1100 and for Kenya around 25999 Ksh.

Primary Features of the HP 255 G6

  • 7 hours+ 30 minutes for the life of the battery
  • LED Display (15.6 inch)
  • Windows 10 (Pro), Windows 10 Home and FreeDOS 2.0
  • AMD E2 APU or AMD A6 APU (the 7th generation)
  • AMD Radeon (R2 Graphics)
  • 7200 rmp (500) GB to (5400 rpm) 1TB HDD and 255GB (SDD)
  • 4GB, 2GB RAM (8GB) (RAM), 8GB in slots

Screen and Build of HP 255 G6

The company HP says the laptop is for working and there is mobility and durability of the design. The caption is not all that is slim and this is with a thickness of 24 millimeters.

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There is no decency of the weight beginning at 1.86kg and this laptop is for you if you intend a laptop with a display that is sizeable. An anti glare feature gives you a display that has a diagonal of 15.6 inch and the screen also features a full HD resolution.

Performance and Power of HP 255 G6

The laptop of HP 255 G6 comes with a processing unit and this unit is the Accelerated Processing Unit (AMD 7th generation). Also the processor in use is from the E2 families and A6 families and it gets support from a RAM of 8GB (DDR4).

HP 255 G6
R2 or Integrated Radeon R4 (AMD) handles the graphics and this depends on the choice of the processor. The company says HP can last up to a full days work hours (7 and half hours) and the laptop promises a performance that is decent.

Other Features of The HP 255 G6

HP 255 G6 has the potential to boost the operating system of Windows 10 (either Pro or Home) and options exist for a FreeDOS 2.0 SATA hard (7200 or 5400 rpm) SATA ( M.2 SSD) is available for storage and you can choose from any of them. Options exist for a VGA port, 2 USB 3.1 and Gen 1 ports and a card reader (multi format).

HP 255 G6 is preferable for users who make use of it within their budget and this is with a keyboard having a numeric pad (island style). There is enabling of the multi touch gestures of the pad and an extra layer of security comes in with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. You obtain a HD camera or VGA with the stereo speakers and these speakers are paired speakers.

General Properties of HP 255 G6

a) Memory: 4GB RAM (2G), 6GB and up to a RAM of 8GB
b) Colours: charcoal black
c) Weight: begins at 1.86kg
d) Dimension: 38 by 25.38 by 2.38cm
e) AMD APU (A6) or AMD APU (E2) processor (7th generation)
f) Operating system: FreeDOS (2.0), Windows 10 (Pro) and Windows 10
g) GPU: AMD Radeon (R2), AMD Radeon R4

Keyboard and Display of HP 255 G6

a) Pointing Device Enabled multi touch gestures touchpad
b) Keyboard: keyboard of full size and keypad (numeric)
c) Display: 1366 by 768 pixels or 1920 by 1050, 15.6 inch backlit ( LED Display) and anti glare.

Storage of HP 255 G6

a) Cloud storage (bundled): not available
b) Storage (optical): optical DVD writer
c) Storage (built in): 256 GB SDD, 1TB (hard drive)
Connectivity and Port of HP 255 G6
a) HDMI: available and 1 port
b) Webcam: webcam (VGA): available
c) VGA: available and a port
d) SD slot: 1 slot, available
e) Bluetooth: Blue 4.2, available
f) WLAN: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, available, band (dual)
g) Ethernet (RJ-45), 1 port, available
h) Headphones/mic: available
i) Port for USB: available, VGA (webcam)
j) 2 stereo speakers (integrated TPM 2.0)

Battery of HP 255 G6

a) Use time: 7 hours 30 minutes
b) 31 WHr or (4 cell), Li-Ion battery (41 WHr)


HP 255 G6 is one of the laptops specially made for work and you can do a day’s job with this laptop since it can last up to 7 hours for you. So if you are fond of working online for hours and you intend to use a laptop, then this laptop is for you and you can get it from Jumia and Konga. Do not forget to comment your questions.

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