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How To Use Western Union In Nigeria

Western Union is a company with headquarters in America. They offer communication and financial services. They are among the best when it comes to receiving and sending telegrams earlier. They are a platform for receiving and sending money. Western Union functions within and outside Nigeria.

Making Use Of The Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union
Transfer of money can be done Western Union. The following methods are functional in Nigeria:

  • Go to the bank ( designated) and complete the form
  • Money can be sent through any method you prefer either by credit card or debit card
  • Your payment method can involve charges. Your destination may also involve charges.
  • The destination has an effect on the effect on the period the money uses to get to the destination.
  • You will need the name of the recipient and it’s location to transfer through cash
  • You will need the bank name of the receiver, the code for Bank Identifier and the account number of the international bank account and then the receivers account number.
  • Get a branch of the Western Union nearest to you. Many banks in Nigeria possess particular spot which are designed for sending and receiving money using Western Union Money Transfer
  • Do not forget to save the Money Transfer Control Number. The tracking code coming from the recipient which he gives before he receives the money is the MTCN number.

The Process Of Sending Money Using The Website Of The Western Union

Make use of the following methods for sending money through the website:

  • Visit the website for registration
  • Go to the ‘Send Money Button’ on the homepage
  • Click on send online
  • Fill out the form and select payment method ( either by using bank account or by using card)
  • Your payment method can involve charges including the destination of the receiver
  • Don’t forget to document the number (MCTN)

Using The Application Of Western Union

Western Union application functions on a mobile device. This application let’s you track, send, and receive money precisely on your device. Download the application from an application store like the Google Play Store. Take note to save the number of your MCTN.

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Receiving Money With Quick teller Using Western Union

Quick teller is developing in the country. Western Union money transfers let’s you send and receive money. This has it’s conditions. Quick teller is possible if there is Stanbic IBTC, Skye Bank or account with GTB.
You can use the following guidelines:

  • Login and register at the website
  • Go to the ‘send and receive money button’ and click
  • Choose Western Union and pick the bank ( Skye Bank or Stanbic IBTC and GTB)
  • Put the mouse on ‘choose currency’ and pick the naira.
  • Click on ‘receive money’ and you will see the receive money data page
  • Input the code of MCTN, the type and receiving account number and the amount expected in naira. Also input the most mobile number, the surname and first name of the receiving account
  • Respond to the question that are brought by the sender
  • Confirm the information after clicking

Receiving Money With Western Union By Using The Local Branch

  • Go to the nearest branch of the Western Union
  • The necessary requirements are valid identity card and the MCTN number. The ID card have the identification of the receiver.

Notable Points Of Western Union

  • It is not all security to use this method
  • The platform don’t do verification of the receiver’s validity. The money goes to anyone who brings the number of MCTN
  • The firm does not refund. There is no option to reverse or retract money

In spite the fact that Western Union does not have all the security for money transfer, it is still among the easiest and best method of transferring and receiving money from your friends and family. What you need to do is to proceed with all the procedures for security. You can do this by giving the code to only the approximate receiver.

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Tracking Western Union In Nigeria

It is possible to track the money. The sent money can be tracked with Western Union website. Proceed to the website and open the page ‘Track a Transfer’. You then finish the proceeding activities.

The first step is to input the Western Union number for tracking. This is also with the name of ‘ MTCN number’. The number is a number you can get from the receipt. The operator area agent was the person that gave you this receipt.

This is among the reason why it is necessary to preserve receipts after transactions. However, reveal the number (MTCN) if the collector requires to track the exchange of your Western Union. You should exhaust the second step at this point. This second step is selecting the country.

You will see a drop list of the countries with available Western Union service. Select the country for your installment.
Then go to the third step which is imputing the sent money. Input the number and pick cash from ‘ the adjacent drop down’.

Contact Details Of Western Union

For enquiries involving the group of the Western Union do it by standard email, by telephone or email. Go to the site that is official and you will see the ‘ Get in touch with us icon’. Here you then complete a form that is short’. Input your email address, name and pick the request category.

Also receive your answers soon. Make use of below 4000 words. The fields on description depends on the request provided that you do an inquiry concerning an exchange, date and MTCN number. If you intend to contact the customer care: you can use the following number:

  • Spanish: 1-800-325-405
  • English client: 1-800-325-6000
  • Then if you intend to get the client card that is favoured. Dial 1-800-9999-660
  • For certain requests to converse a customer care representative. Dial 1-800-9999-660
  • Dial 1-800-325-6000 to function as an operator of a business


Western Union is one of the ways of exchanging money between family and friends. For any questions on Western Union, using our comment box is at your freedom.

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