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How To Stream Live Football Match In High Definition Using Mobdro On Android Devices

Steps To Watch And Download Live Football Match In High Definition Using Mobdro On Android

This post is made up of tips on how to watch EPL, Series A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 etc. Android devices come with attributes associated with an ever changing world that is now in the Computer Age. You may have watched football matches like in the 70s or 60s when entertainment of such are only accessible through television sets which occupy a lot of space. Now that is history because you can now watch many of these comfortably using your android device. You can move with your device from one location to another without worrying about space. You can flex and enjoy your match provided that you have the necessary internet connection and device. The world is changing and the Computer Age is in. The size of highly efficient computers continue to decrease. This article tells how your smartphone can be a source of great entertainment. If you are fond of the English League, Spanish League or perhaps, UEFA or Italian League, this is for you. If you are going to watch the World Cup events, this is also for you.

What Is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an application, a mobile application suitable for Android devices that let’s you to stream multiple stations for free without TV subscription based on the fact that these are exclusive stations to satellite television networks like GOtv, DStv, Startime, Strong TV and more. The cable television is quite expensive when it is considered in terms of price. Startime may be affordable but the premium plan that has multiples of new stations is not cheap and this is the same as GOtv and the rest. Mobdro TV apk will enable you to watch many TVs.

Benefits Of Using Mobdro

Mobdro is a substitute for weak signal that comes from the weather, paid packages for subscriptions that comes from weather, not being portable of the television set, expensive installing before use. Mobdro is a match for this except if your network is bad. Mobdro TV App is available for download. There is availability of multiple stations which range from wildlife, entertainment, sports, health, movies etc. The application is convenient and this can be viewed at any point whether you are at the bedroom, school or kitchen.If you have been skipping your shows on TV because there is need to do one thing or the other, then you need this application. If you had other engagements that made you miss your movies, this application is for you. There are many options that let’s you enjoy streaming videos in different manners. The application does not give you a particular movie for you to watch but let’s you choose the channels. There are many features associated with this application. You will be able to find many movies or episodes to watch daily. Perhaps you found a great video that you wanted to share online and then you want it shared on the account of your social media. You can share your video streams by using the ‘ Share’ button. However you can only share the video streams in the account of your social media.

This is a better way of sharing videos online. This application is useful if you have the mobile data and connection for it.

Procedure For Installing The Mobdro Application

a) Ensure that your network is 3G/H+/HSDPA/4G for better streaming.
b) Ensure that you have a mobile data that is active. The application takes a reasonable quantity of data ranging from 200-300MB.

Guide To Set Up And Installation

a) Download and install Mobdro.apk ie is the latest version.
b) Run the application and then go to the Sports category.
c) Go through the stations to find your station.
d) Find a convenient place to enjoy the match.

List Of Stations For Sports Available On Mobdro

a) Sky Calicol, Sky Sports News, Sky box office, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports 5, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 1
b) ESPN 2 and ESPN
c) BT Sports 1, BT Sports 3, BT Sports 2, BT Sports Europe
d)Eurosport 2, Eurosport 2 UK, British Eurosport 1, British Eurosport 2
e) Liverpool TV, Chelsea TV, Barca TV, MTV and Real Madrid TV
f) BT Sports ESPN, Premier Sports, Setanta Sport, WWE TV
g) Start Sports 4, Start Sports 2, Star Sports
h) Ten Cricket, Ten Sports
i) Arena 2, Arena 1, Arena 4, Arena 3
j) Movistar Golf, Movistar F1, Movistar Moto GP, Movistar Futbol, Movistar Deported
k) beIN Sports Espana, beIN Sports 2, beIN Sports 5, beIN Sports 3, beIN Sports 6, beIN Sports 7, beIN Sports 9, beIN Sports 11, beIN Sports USA, beIN Sports news
l) Sky Sport 2 ( Deutschland), Sky Sports 1 ( Deutschland), Sky Sports 1 ( for Germany)
m) Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports
n) Sportsnet World, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet Ontario
o) TNSI, TNS, TNS 2, TNS 5, TNS 4
p) NBC Sport network, NBCSN
q) Racing UK, Box Nation
r) Sport TV2, Sports TV1, Sports TV4, Sports TV5
s) Others: Racing UK, PTV Sport, Box Nation, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel, MLB Network, Willow Cricket, Esport 3, CBC Sports, TYC Sports, Saudi Arabian TV Sports, GFL Combat Sports, UFC Next, Dubai Sports, Sports and Outdoors, Edge Sports, Buzz60 Sports, Sports Haters, Beach Sports network.

List Of Teams, Matches And Leagues Available On Mobdro Application

a) La Liga of Spain with teams like Barcelona, Madrid etc.
b) Premier League of England with teams like Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Leicester City, Tottenham and Liverpool.
c) Ligue 1 of France with teams like Marseille, PSG and the others.
d) Series A of Italy with teams like AC Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, Fiorentina. You can also get the Europa League and the Champions League matches, South American championship, Asia Cup, AFCON and Eurocup.

Demerits Of The Mobdro Android Application

a) Highly data consuming nature of the application is a demerit. This application burns much data during the streaming process. It is a high data consumer.
b) There is no manual update for the application. The application updates automatically once there is available update. Mobdro update happens without notice.
c) The stations are High Definition that needs the stability of networks. The requirement is 3G or 4G as as anything lower will not do that smoothly.
d) There is no precise way of getting a particular match. It is a trial and process until you get what you are after.


Mobdro is the application for streaming events on Android devices and this is not just soccer, you can also use it to stream tech, entertainment, movies, news, sports and other stations. If you have enough data, go ahead and use the application. You can also ask your questions by making use of our comment box.

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