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How To Start Egg Supply Business


The uses of eggs are numerous; we use eggs in baking different types of confectioneries like bread, cakes, meat-pie and so on. It is  used as cosmetics like shampoo, conditioners, soaps, cholesterol, face mask and lots more. It is also used as glue, the sticky quality of egg white clean some certain surfaces like leather. To make it clear, the demand for eggs in the Nigerian market is so high right now and will continue to be so.

Egg supply business is very lucrative in Nigeria and if you going to venture into this business and you require information to know where, how to start this business, you are welcome to the article that will gives steps to take in supplying eggs.

How To Start Egg Supply Business



Having Your Own vehicle

If you going to be supplying  eggs ,you need a means of transportation, a vehicle is well suitable for this. Egg business is more profitable in Nigeria when you make it a mobile business. Purpose of this is to make you distribute your eggs conveniently to your customers. Most shop owners usually feel too comfortable once they are seated in their shops, and so they feel reluctant to go to the farms in order to pick eggs and also they consider the number of cracked eggs they will realize picking eggs directly from farm on their own.

Find Your Target Market

Where to get your eggs is not a major problem but your target market is what matters to you. Your target market could be market anywhere. Once you know where and whom to distribute your eggs ,you start selling and buying eggs.

To start buying and selling eggs, you must locate two or more farms depending on what capacity you want to work on. Before you can start picking eggs from farms, you must be a registered customer with the farm, and you must be consistent there, meaning you have to always pick up eggs weekl




Other Working Tools

The essential apparatus required for this business is vacant crates, it could be paper crates or plastic crates. In the event that you purchase the paper boxes , the aggregate number you should maintain your business currently relies upon you. Note that the paper containers are more defensive to your eggs, it lessens the quantity of splits you will acknowledge from exchanging your eggs, and it is less expensive also yet harms more rapidly than the plastic ones.



Potential Profit In Eggs Supply Business

In this business, you work for yourself and you will choose how much profit you need to make in seven days. Depending upon any size of egg you get, you will pick up benefit of N100 on a case of egg on the off chance that you offer all in all merchant yet on the off chance that you offer as retailer you can have benefit of N300 on a carton. On the off chance that you confine yourself to offering only 100 cartons of eggs week by week, that implies you will acknowledge benefit of N10,000 week after week and this is simply N40, 000 month to month.

This is the means by which you decide your benefit. Setting an objective to offer 1,000 cartons of egg for each week will mean you will acknowledge 100 x 1,000 = N100,000 week after week, duplicate this every month, that is a challenging whole of N400,000 benefit month to month. In the event that you deduct your month to month costs from this sum am certain you will at present have a workable add up to spare.


Egg supplying business might bring much profit like the like other business but its still a means of making money in Nigeria.


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