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How To Start A Computer Business Center In Nigeria with pictures

Computer business centers boom in Nigeria and can promote the economy. This article will show you how to start a computer business center in Nigeria.

Computer enterprise is an enterprise that renders services that is connected with school work or office work like printing, scanning, laminating, photocopying and registration online.

Steps To Start A Computer Business Centre In Nigeria


This can produce income and is very profitable especially when located in a town that is busy or close to an educational institution.

This computer business center is actually not the cyber cafe.

A cyber cafe is the place where you browse the internet after paying money.

The known photocopy business in Nigeria is part of a computer business center.

Computer business centre services are a range of services from internet services to photocopying, laminating etc.

However certain computer business cente also add cyber cafes to their services and there can be computer courses in which you can receive certificate after the course.

Operating a computer business centre in Nigeria is a decent enterprise.

Requirements For A Computer Enterprise


Get A Convenient Location

The location of an area should be a place that can be found easily.

The location can be close to main educational or main government organisations or close to a district with buildings for offices, inside the campuses of universities is also a nice idea. Computer business center are very operational in sub urban or urban regions like Abuja and Lagos.

Other places where they are very operational include Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Kano.

If the place you live is in a town that is modest, your services would always be required among the Nigerian population.

Location is also necessary for determining the shop rent prices and this is usually from N50000-N150000 for the shop of the size of a garage annually in cities but don’t let that put you off.

Services And Products Offered By A Computer Enterprise

The list below shows you a list of services that are offered by a computer enterprise.

  • Scanning
  • Photocopying
  • Typing
  • Printing
  • Online Registration
  • Spiral binding
  • Disc burning ( optional)
  • Digital passport

All these are services that are expected from a computer business center.Business-center-nigeria.jpg


Some of the items that are listed here happen to be optional which means you can start without offering that particular service or you may decide to offer it later.

Note that online registration cannot be said to be a cyber cafe. You can also decide to take some passports and have them cut.

Items Required

Items are of 2 categories which are the ones that have to be restocked when they finish and the ones that are capital intensive.

Below is an estimate of the necessary items including their prices.

a) Shop Rent (Annual): Price is
N50000- N150000
b) Generator set: 1.1 KVA, Sumec Firman. Price is N48500.
c) Laptops or computers: You can get UPS if you prefer a desktop. The brand is Acer Aspire Mini 66000.
d) Inkjet Printer: HP Desk jet Inc 115: N130000.
e) Printer: Sharp AR- M201 or another model series of sharp AR.
f) Sign Post
g) Prints and arts in your location: Price is N5000.
h) Extension of Wire: N1200
i) Laminating Machine: Price is N20000
j) Electric/ Wiring Installation: Price is N8000 and this is for input in a generator.
k) Furniture: One wooden table and 3 plastic tools: N10000.
l) Digital Camera: The model series is Sony Cyber shot. The price is N17000- N21000)
m) Photo sprinters: Price is N15000.
n) Plain fabric: White 1 yard N200 and this is for passports.
o) Fuel container: Price is N500.
p) External CD Drive: Price is N3500. Note that mini laptops do not possess a CD drive.
q) USB flash: Price is N1500 ( flash of 4GB)
r) SIM Card: Price is N250 and this is for data subscriptions.
s) Internet Dongle: Price is N3000. This is used for online registrations.
t) Scissors: Price is N300.
Total Price is: N349, 250.
An amount that was smaller was used in summing in the places that have some alternative prices.

It is your choice to make concerning networks that are available in Nigeria and then you choose the ones that works for you.

There is saving of a huge quantity of the very total cost if you buy from certain markets and you may decide to use hotspot of your smartphone in place of a dongle.

The recommendations for you here is to have more than 1 SIM.

Required Items For Restocking

a) A4
Price a pack at N3500
b) Monthly internet subscription: N2000
c) Plastic binds:
This is dependent on your very needs and there are different colours and sizes. Price is at N1500.
d) Laminating film: This is dependent on your needs. The price is at N3000.
e) Generator service: Monthly Price is N1500.
f) Ink Toner Cartridge: Make contact with your dealers. Price is N1500.
g) Inkjet Printer cartridge: You can contact dealers. This can be coloured at a price of N6000.
h) Stapler pins:
Small pack at a price of N250.
i) Photo paper: At a price of N5000.
j) Hired Help: The full time price for a month is N15000 – N25000.
k) PHCN bill:
This is dependent on the location and the price is N5000.

The average monthly expenditure is N45, 450.

You will notice that the average cost of running the shop in an efficient manner is N45000. When you put in the basic items like paper, you will need a range of N360000.

Take note that the changing of ink cartridge is an exercise that is very delicate. You have to know the right size of cartridge for the right printer.

Hiring An Assistant For Your Computer Enterprise

Running a computer enterprise alone is not a one person’s project.

You will definitely need an assistant to be more efficient.

You may allocate a particular project to your assistance or have him operate full time.

The Profit Margin Of The Computer Enterprise

The profit margin of a computer enterprise is about 66%.


  • Starting capital: estimated at N260000-N363000
  • Monthly expenditure
  • Profit Margin: 66%
  • Customer potential: Office workers and students etc.
  • Potential growth: Expansion to other cyber cafes and branches
  • Suitable location: suburbs and cities
  • Hours of business: 8am-6pm, average of 10 hours on a daily basis.


This article is about starting a computer business center in Nigeria.

This has the potential to improve the economy. If you have any questions on this topic, you can drop them by using our comment box.

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