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how to reset android lock screen password and pin

For owners of smart phones or tablets with fingerprint scanners,the ability to acces your phone with a simple touch or swipe of your finger is a wonderful convienience.Then again they also make it easier to forget your password and pin number since you dont have to manually input them regularly like you used to.

how to reset android lock screen password and pin

reset android lock screen
For example a samsung galaxy note edge getting stucked on the lock screen while being given just 9 attempts to guess the password.

As long as it is inked to a google account you can reset your pin or password remotely via the web browser or app version of the android device manager.the steps you need to take to reset your pin or password remotely to access your android phone or tablet again.These step can help you track your lost android phone too.

  • first,make sure your locked android device is connected to a mobile or WIFI network in order to connect with it
  • launch android device manager by an app on another device or by typing ‘android device manager’ on the searchbox of your web browser and going to its site.The actual web address is HTTPS;// manager ,make sure you log on google account on your locked phone .
  • when the above link is opened,it will bring up thesame weather you are using a browser or an app.this opened link includes a map as well as a box that shows the device firstly,then click on the device name to bring up a menu of all devices connected ti your on the correct one.
  • after the correct device are been highlighted you need a few options,you will see ‘ring’,’lock’,’erase’.

‘ring’ is used for locating lost phones within your range even if the current profile was set to silent.

‘erase’ is used for locating phone that you misplaced or you want to do a factory reset to make sure who ever finds itcannot access yourstuffs.

‘lock’ is the right thing for you to click ,this will open a screen that allows you to change the lock screen PIN for your device.Enter your new pin then you wait until you get a prompt that tells you ‘android manager has sent the info about the change to your device

reset android lock screen.jpeg

  • Now you ll bring up the lock screen of your device and you will have an option to enter new PIN,[at times,it might take a minute or few moment for it to pop up].Enter the pin and your devicw will be unlocked.

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