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How To Fix The Problem Of Your TV Connection

What exactly do you normally do when your television cable goes off.

Perhaps you summoned your friends to have a sleepover and then your cable TV is not fine or perhaps you cancelled your plans for the weekend for some TV timeout and the television is not functioning well.

How To Fix The Problem Of Your TV Connection


How do you rectify your TV? This article tells you how you can amend the connection of your television.

This normally does not require much and only requires a simple troubleshooting or fixing in order to put things in normal order.

The following steps will help you to put your TV back to order.

Seven Ways To Fix The Problem Of Your TV Connection


Do a restart

This might be a cliche or myth but it works most of the times. Unplug the TV or turn it off.

There are chances that the television needs a power cycle or may have malfunctioned.

You may decide to unplug from the very power point and then have it plugged back in 30 seconds.

You use certain methods for restarting your TV box. You will not have to restart your television box while it is in normal use but for the very purpose of television not working properly and for the purpose of troubleshooting, you will have to restart your TV.

You can restart your remote or by going to the settings menu.

Unplug it and then plug it. If it is this modern day plasma television.

Visit settings<System<Restart. If your television happens to be that of the earlier generation, then visit Settings<General<Restart.

If you are making use of the remote, simply hold down the menu buttons and let the device go when your device flushes.

You can hold down the menu and down buttons after which you let go when you see your device flash.

When you unplug your TV, wait for about 6 seconds and then plug it back.

Check the error code of your television

There may have been error which you have to check if there is a display of it on your television.

You will now take number code or error code and this will help you to get the issue in a convenient manner.

You can then use the website of the provider or the users guidebook to resolve the particular issue.

Different types of errors are involved and they are made of codes that can be displaced.

The error code 1002 is displayed if it happens that your television is connected to any particular network.

You can proceed by checking the setting of your network connection. First go to the HOME button by making use of the remote.

You now select settings and then select system settings. You now go to set up and then select the network set up after which you go to the set up of the network connection.

You can follow the instruction onscreen to find the settings of that network connection.

If the connection is wired, you can simply go to the set up and follow the instructions onscreen to check the settings of the network connection.

Certain error codes require require certain diagnosis. You will confirm the type of error code before going on with measures to amend the situation of your television.


Review the cables

Ensure that all the cables are correctly plugged in before you do any other thing.

The output cables and input cables are then inserted according to the mentioned instructions starting from the television set to the cable box.

There are many methods that are involved for checking your cables.

A signal is generated from a transmitter that sends information from a visual or audio source to a repeater or amplifier and then to the digital receiver of the television.

This method used for checking signals is also the same with the method used for checking the strength of the signal.

a) Activate the digital strength metre of your television.

b) Go to the strength metre and press the menu buttons. Many choices will appear like ‘ Set up’, ‘ Select Channels’ and ‘ Power to Antenna’

c) Join the ends of the coaxial cable which is connected to the converter or receiver of your television.

If you happen to get the signal of your television through the satellite dish, then connect the end of the coaxial cable to the receiver of your satellite.

d) You now check for cable signals by making use of the single channel mode.

Review directly the signal integrity

You can directly check for the stability of that connection from the television to the cable device by ensuring that it is not connected to any other item such as the game console, VCR/DVD, other devices or surge protector.

Digital signals tends to be subject to some types of interference even when you are living a region of strong signals, certain adverse weather conditions can affect the quality of your signals.

This may lead to glitches or more signs that makes the pictures to deteriorate.

You will have to ensure that you get the correct TV signal when you do the initial setting up of your television.

If you do not do this, the result is missing channels or inability to view channels. Check properly that the device is not connected to other devices which might interrupt the signal strength of your television.

Also go to your amplifiers and signal boosters to ensure they are properly installed.

Have your bills paid on time

You have to ensure that you you do not have some payments that are overdue, this might be the reason the provider has deactivated your service until the payment have been processed.

If it happens that you have missed the deadline, you can enjoy your television and have your payments made online.

Check the limit of your activation

If you happen to be trying to make use of that cable box after you have relocated to another location.

The limits of the activation are designed with box set up and this might need the resetting of the activation limit with the assistance of your provider.

Have reported outages verified

Sometimes due to certain scheduled or unscheduled situations, the cable provider may be down and they normally announce a particular resumption time.

This is a few of the hacks that should be known by anyone who owns a television.

You may also decide to restart your device or have the wires fixed.

You can go for better deals to get a better television experience.


Now you have seen how to fix the problem of your TV connection.

You can go ahead to ask your question using our comment box.

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