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How Technology has Improved Education in Nigeria


Most students learn most through practices and demonstrations and technology has improved ways student learn and created opportunities for schools and teachers in Nigeria. Students nowadays are already involved in using technology, which helps teaching and learning more easy. In this article I’m going to be talking about how technology has benefited education in Nigeria.

How Technology has Improved Education in Nigeria


Enhances commitment

Technology gives various chances to make learning fun and pleasant as far as showing same things in new ways. For example, carrying teaching through gamification, taking students on virtual field excursions and using other internet learning assets. Also, technology can empower an increasingly dynamic support in the learning procedure which can be difficult to accomplish through a customary address condition.

Enhances knowledge retention

Students who are involved in and keen on things they are studying, are required to have better knowledge retention. As referenced before, technology can empower full participation in the classroom which likewise is a vital factor for expanded knowledge retention. Typical types of technology can be used to try different things with and choose what works best for students regarding retaining their knowledge.


Allows individual learning

Nobody learns similarly on account of various learning styles and diverse capacities. Technology gives extraordinary chances to making learning increasingly convincing for everybody with various need. For instance, students can learn at their very own speed, review troublesome ideas or avoid ahead on the off chance that they have to. In addition, technology can give more chances to battling or disabled students. Access to the Internet gives student access to a wide scope of assets to lead explore in various routes, which thus can expand the commitment.

Supports collaboration

Students can rehearse joint effort aptitudes by getting engaged with various online exercises. For example, dealing with various projects by teaming up with others on discussions or by sharing reports on their virtual learning situations. Technology can support cooperation with students in a similar classroom, same school and even with different classrooms around the globe.


Students can learn helpful fundamental abilities through Technology

By using technology in the classroom, both teachers and student can create abilities fundamental for the 21st century. Students can pick up the abilities they should be effective later on. Modern learning is tied in with working together with others, taking care of complex issues, basic reasoning, creating distinctive types of correspondence and authority aptitudes, and enhancing inspiration and efficiency. In addition, technology can help create numerous reasonable abilities, including making introductions, figuring out how to separate solid from problematic sources on the Internet, keeping up appropriate online manners, and composing emails.

Advantages for teachers

With innumerable online assets, technology can help enhance teaching. Teachers can use distinctive applications or confided in online assets to upgrade the customary methods for instructing and to keep students increasingly locked in. Virtual exercise designs, evaluating programming and online appraisals can enable teachers to spare a ton time. This important time can be used for working with student who are struggling. Furthermore, having virtual learning situations in schools improves joint effort and information sharing between teachers.

After reading this article, you would agree with me that technology has really benefited the education sector in Nigeria and i am sure it will continue to improve this part of sector in Nigeria.

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