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How to start fish farming business in Nigeria

.Fish farming is called pisci-culture and has to do mainly with rearing fish for marketing purposes. This article tells you how to start your own fish farm.

It has to do with constructing the earthen, concrete pond or tarpaulin, pond for fertilizing, stocking fingerlings in water and proper feeding of the Tilapia, Mackerel or catfish.

There are many fish species around the world and few of them are farmed commercially,




1.Getting a good fish location-Before setting up a fish farm, you must first considered your location and which is determined by the scale of your fish business. 

can start at your backyard using tank for small-scale or buy or rent fish pond for large-scale and this can be outside home

2.Resourceful water for the fish –A human will die if there is no supply of oxygen likewise a fish without water. Bad water affects the productivity and growth of fish. Bad water are of many categories.

Some categories of fish live in waters that are rough. You will need a reasonable source of water for your fish. the good water for humans is different from good water for fish.

Government treated water is drinkable but they can become poisonous to the fish due to the chemicals that are used for treating water for consumption.

What quantity of water is needed? The quantity of water that you need determines the farm. A nearby well can serve for small-scale. However if you intend to start the fish business as a large-scale venture, a borehole or strong well will be required.





3.    Go for plastic tank or appropriate fish pond– Water can be compared with oxygen. A fish requires living in a comfortable habitat.

The more comfortable and natural your pond is, the better it is for them. There are 2 categories of the fish house system and they are pond or backyard plastic tank.

If you happen to be starting fish farming in Nigeria, plastic tank will be preferable. This medium will enable you to know the nature of fish business before your market reach is extended.

Fish ponds are of many sizes and there is variation of cost which is dependent on your need or environment.

4.Choose your species-There are many species of the family of fish. You choose the one you are going to do business with. There are also many fish hybrids that you consider like Heterobranchus, Clarias nigro-digitatus, Clarias X Heterobranchus. However catfish is the most common in Nigeria.






5. Obtain adolescents that are healthy -These fishes are small fishes that require being grown to a particular size. Fry refers to the name of fish after the larvae stage and this can be an option and this is found at an age that is below a week.

6.Choose the type of feeds– Plants are capable of utilising sunlight and simple nutrients to manufacture new organic materials through photosynthesis. Animals are not able to do this. This is the reason why animals need to feed on materials like plants, animals or prepared food.

7..Market your fishes before they are grown– You have to start marketing your fish merchandise before they are grown. Do not wait for them to be grown before marketing them.




8.Be business mind oriented– If you are not determined to succeed in your fish farming business, then forget it. You have to be determined to succeed. You have to have a business mindset.

9. Asked those experienced in fish farming-Hear from fish farmers that are no longer starters.

They will tell you certain things. Equipments For Fish Farming Good water supply for your fish pond is necessary Fish pond may be of concrete or tank of many sizes Fish feeds of various kinds are necessary for various stages of growth Labour will be necessary for large-scale Weight, measures and bowels for your measurements

      Fish farming is a fast growing profitable business in nigeria, if you do all that is needed for it to be a success.

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