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The Coming Of 5G Phones

In the year 2018, there will be increase in the sale of smart phones to up to 1.95 billion units. The sale of smart phones in North America and Western Europe are expected to dip in this 2018. This is due to coming in of new smart phones. The CSS Insight says much about 5G […]

Why blockchain matters to small businesses

There are several disadvantages little and medium-sized ventures face within the current business atmosphere. Despite their standing as the backbone of any major economy and integral to value growth and different national metrics, smaller companies face high barriers to entry and low insulation from conditions that will barely scratch their larger peers. Why blockchain matters […]

Can rOs Be Ready For Us At This Point In Time

Apple is hoping to succeed with the aspect where Google failed in the Google glass, to make a new augmented reality headset that may be ready for consumers by 2020 they are making arrangements. Can Apple rOs Be Ready For Us At This Point In Time Apple is hoping to succeed with the aspect where¬† […]

YouTube Now Allows Full Screen On iPhone X

On a normal ground, iPhone X features 19.5:9 aspect ratio which is not quite good for watching videos when many contents out there is at 16:9 ratio. Such contents covers a 5 inch display screen. YouTube Now Allows Full Screen On iPhone X But currently, the latest YouTube update for iOS device especially the iPhone […]

Places You Shouldn’t Take Your Smartphone To

I) Dinning: Smartphones can be social tools, at times when you look at a video together. Though smartphones are very useful when you are dining and you want to go see a movie and one amongst you pulls out his or her smartphone to check the time. The danger is when you just sit with […]

The First Update For OnePlus 5T Phone Is Out

A while ago, OnePlus confirmed it’s releasing an update for the newly launched 5T that will improve the phone’s dual cameras. Apparently, a few issues affect the OnePlus 5T’s dual camera, so the update is supposed to address these problems. Well, it seems that the first update for the OnePlus 5T has just arrived and […]

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