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Top Parental Control Apps for your Kids’ Smartphone


  Nowadays, even little children love to play games on their parent’s cell phone and unquestionably, most teenagers cell phones in their pocket. Well technology has accompanied the two its positive and negative sides. Be that as it may, the guardians/parents should be somewhat more aware with respect to their kid’s use of cell phones. […]

Things To Consider When Buying A Smartphone


There are so many fake phones or phones that don’t last long and with such a large number of various brands, applications, costs, and highlights making up the cell phone showcase today, it tends to be anything but difficult to wind up purchasing a smartphone that doesn’t precisely serve your needs. Be that as it […]

Smartphones To Use For Blogging

The video blogging wave has turned into a noteworthy segment of the computerized period. There are numerous individuals catching important minutes in their lives through recordings and sharing it via web-based networking media consistently. These recordings are fun and energizing since they can be watched consistently. A considerable measure of telephone marks nowadays have cell […]

How You Can Make Money With Your Smartphone


  OK, truly, folks: wouldn’t you LOVE to acquire cash each time you utilize your telephone? Alright better believe it, nobody will pay you to text your companions or read your Facebook channel, however you can profit on your smartphone—without a doubt. To get directly to the point, you’re presumably not going to make enough […]

Cheap Android Phones in nigeria with Price & Specs 2018


Android smartphones are the most accepted smartphone category. The popularity of Android smartphones are mainly due to their adoption by most mobile phone producers as their platform of choice and the low-priced cost of Android phones. Here are some of the finest Cheap Android smartPhones to consider in 2018. One of the various reasons why Android seems […]

Awesome Features Of The Android Go Edition

Statistics prove that there are more than 7.3 billion people across the planet and only 50% of the population can access the web. Up to 3.5 billion people representing half of the world’s population are glooming in the dark. Google is making plans to bring up to a billion into informative light through the project […]

Top Music Applications For Use By Nigerians

Nigerians are fond of good music. That is why the music industry has grown over the years with the Nigerian entertainment industry. This article shows you the music applications in Nigeria. The applications are also the most downloaded applications in Nigeria. There are much music services in the outside world that are committed to entertaining […]

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