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How To Become A Seller On Konga


Konga is an online shopping platform. Buying and selling now have a new dimension across the globe and this include Nigeria. Becoming a seller on Konga comes with many advantages and this article tells you how to become a seller on Konga. You need more people to know about and purchase your products and the […]

How To Become A Seller On Jumia


Jumia is place where you can do online marketing and the art of selling now online is now a trending in Nigeria. More online companies like Jumia, Konga etc are out for business kudos to technology and a wider market now exist online. A wider audience who are not restricted by location in placing their […]

How To Use Western Union In Nigeria

Western Union

Western Union is a company with headquarters in America. They offer communication and financial services. They are among the best when it comes to receiving and sending telegrams earlier. They are a platform for receiving and sending money. Western Union functions within and outside Nigeria. Making Use Of The Western Union Money Transfer Transfer of […]

Laptop or Tablet: which is suitable for You?

Laptop PC or Tablet: which is suitable for you? we are going to help manage and bring all the various preferences and limitations of the 2, laptop PCs and tablets to help you to choose a cognizant alternative on your next gadget. thus consider our guide to decide on between laptop computer or tablet, and […]

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