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Best Makeup Products/Powder for Nigerian Women

Welcome readers.this post will prolly be read by women alone but if youre a man and you read this post make sure to buy your woman one of these products,youll benefit from it too.

every woman wants to look good and dazzling, we want our good looks to speak for us, this the reason why we have to use powders and products that will make us look good.

Best Makeup Products/Powder for Nigerian Women


We have search all over the country and have gathered a list of the best products you can use to look like your dreamself

Best Powders for Nigerian Women

Every lady is beautiful but defining your beauty is the work of the kind of powders, lipstick, eye pencils and lot more body accessories that you use. We all want to look good and stylish in what you wear and everywhere we go many us of mix and match different brands with the expectation that they will make us stand out in the public. Some Nigerian women even take the giant leap of starting their own makeup brands in answer to the prayers and yearnings of many women out there who seek a stunning skin and ravishing look. Most appropriate makeup products have the advantage of durability, heat resistant, shine and oil regulation, smooth and rich textures, conceal inadequacies and also the excellence for sensitive skins. They are produced in strict agreement with regulatory laws. The products also come in diverse colors which are very blendable textures and will help take the guesswork out of a stunning makeup application.

Below are the best brands of powders you could try:

  1. House of Tara; Tara Powders:


The House of Tara powders was founded in 1998 with the promise of providing women, in general, an enhanced look.

thye have  branchesin Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, and Abuja, they have also extended its coast outside Nigeria too.


It has brushes, that are very friendly to the skin, eyeliners, lip gloss, foundations and powders of diverse sizes (i.e. high, medium and low) and even professional makeup kit for makeup artists for a perfect application and oil free face.

The ingredients used in manufacturing this quality powder are long-lasting ingredients that bring out the beauty in you every time every day. House of Tara products guarantees, silkiness, oil-free, and non-fussy skin. A trial will convince you.

  1. Black Up:

This remarkable powder comes in two-way cake powder with a unique texture that provides the benefits of both foundation and powder in a single product.

The product came into existence 1999 in Paris by an African/French makeup artist, research shows that it was the first professional makeup artist brand targeted in black and ethnic skins that develops a true knowledge behind darker complexions offering professional qualities to the African beauties.

The products give smooth effects, no lusterless, perfect coverage, ultra-vibrant colors, 100% non-ashy to the skin.


In Nigeria, Black Up item is altogether conveyed and advertised by Montaigne AH Limited, a similar firm that has the rights to universal beauty care products brands like Clarins, Dr. Murad, and Chanel. the Black Up will expand its quality in Nigeria with more makeover sessions, test enactments, cosmetics craftsman instructional courses and notably more,keeping in mind the end goal to edify ladies the more on the item.

  1. Maybelline NG:

The product was introduced into Nigeria recently and tagged as the powder of new generation, the powder does an All-In-One feature controlling shines, conceal flaws, gives silkiness to the skin and give evens with a perfects tone on the skin.

The Maybelline New York Nigeria product is a division of the global cosmetics company, L’Oréal.

The product is a vibrant and creative Makeup powder with great expectation of giving the best in women. The Maybelline NG’s product is established specifically for African skin to control shine, conceals flaws, smoothens


shine, conceals flaws, smoothens, evens the skin tone, brightens the skin, achieving that superb and flawless look.

Looking good every day and every time is really necessary for women and using powders that keeps the face shining, perfect matte finish, sets the foundation in place and ensure you look amazing every day. There are other brands too which give unique qualities like Sleek, Iman, Black Opal and many other products. A trial will convince you if taken into consideration.


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