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Awesome Features Of The Android Go Edition

Statistics prove that there are more than 7.3 billion people across the planet and only 50% of the population can access the web.

Up to 3.5 billion people representing half of the world’s population are glooming in the dark.

Google is making plans to bring up to a billion into informative light through the project known as the Android Go edition project.

Features Of The Android Go Edition


The Definition Of Android Go

Android Go is a software Operating System that has become customised in a special manner so as to operate on phones that have below 1GB RAM.

The software known as Android Go normally functions like an Android software and are utilized in major smart phones.

However it will now be optimised in a special manner so that devices which are entry level or minor phones will function smoothly just like major smart phones.

Android Go devices are now available. Go phones are the trending developments in the Android world. Android Go downloads can also do what other Androids do.

This very Go Edition is not actually Google’s first time of making the smart phones more affordable to peasants.The Android One came out of this point, even though it happens not realise the main aim of Google due to it’s inefficient adoption.

This particular edition is better and different. It has it’s own play store, optimised special applications and operating system.

Relevant Features Of This Edition


Less Space Required

A major problems observed by users of Android is the inefficient space. In spite of the fact that Google tries to trim it’s system of operations, much space is still taken and often users have 50% of the space.

This particular edition comes in a different dimension. The Go system of operation is optimised specially to consume less than 50% of the required space by Android v7 Nougat.

This means that you will have double of the space when you have your device operating on the Global edition.This nevertheless is on the top list of the relevant features of the Android Go edition.

Designed For Faster Operations

Google have time related concerns. We are aware that we don’t have enough time allocation in 24 hours on each day.

The Go edition save more time since they are optimised for faster operations than the very regular applications of Android.

It is a fact that the Go Edition load up to 15% faster and this is among the relevant features of Android Go.

Specialized Application Suit

This very edition of Android comes with it’s own particular set of applications.

You may be familiar with some of them. Example is the new file manager of Google known as File Go.

You will then have it installed from the known Google Play store and then get a taste of what the operating system will be like.

Apart from the file manager, Google intends to have other applications released for the system of operations and they are:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Go
  • Chrome
  • You Tube Go
  • Gboard
  • Gmail
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Assistant
  • Files Go

The rest of the applications will be optimised but there is no change for Chrome.

Nevertheless there is optimisation for it to load faster and save data.
In order to give you the idea of the way these applications function which is relative to the trending application set, viewing them just like the Lite version of Playstore applications can be done.

Applications’ Lite versions with Facebook as an example are optimised in a special manner for fast loading, running on networks that are slow, consuming less space.

The application known as Facebook takes up to a space of 100Mb while the Lite version takes below 2Mb and consume less data to realise the same objectives.

Some functions are lost due to optimisation because there is stripping of majority of animation and other glamorous interfaces to improve suitability for a minor RAM phone.

However majority among us still have preference for the Lite versions.

Specialised Application Playstore

There is a regular play store of the Android Go edition just like it is known today.This Play store comes in 2 dimensions, Normal Android Operating System applications and Go applications.

This enables the user to have both types of applications installed. Nevertheless the applications of the Android system tends to be slower since the phone will not have adequate power to operate them.

When Do Google Want To Release This Edition?

There is already the edition that is the Oreo Go Edition in the market. The release time was same as the Android Version 8 Oreo. The term for this Oreo is Android v8.1.

What Phones Run On This Edition?

There is a particular quantity of smart phones that operate on the Android Oreo Go Edition:

  • Nokia 1
  • GM 8 Go
  • TECNO F Series
  • Lava Z50
  • Micro max Bharat Go

Majority of these phones are mostly targeted to the Indian market. TECNO which is an OEM giant had a couple of devices launched its 2018 Launch which is energised by the operating system and also itel mobile which already has plans in place to have some of their devices operating on Oreo Go this very year.

The plan by Google for phones running on the Android Go Edition to sell at a price that is cheaper not exceeding N10000.

They are trying to make fast smart phones more affordable just like other smart phones known today.
Nevertheless this was not the case since majority of the articles cost between N30000 to N40000.

A fast phone can cost up to N70000 to N100000. Google has belief in their next billion of users. The company years have expectations of better functional smart phones at prices that are affordable and more visitors to the virtual world.

Android Go is actually too different from the regular Android device. The difference it comes with extra performance tweaks and stability which ensures that it functions on devices that have underpowered hardware.

The first version of the Android Go is placed on the Android 8.1 Oreo and there are features for data management which are integrated at a level that is wide and this offers you the ability to monitor your data closely.

The device comes with Google Play Protect out of the very box. There are also much security leverages to find malicious applications.

There is scanning of your applications including those outside Google Playstore to secure your device


This article talks about the features of the Android Go Edition which will enable more people to access the web. If you have any questions on this, use our comment box.

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