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About Us

welcome to we are glad that you visited our about us page.
techwahala was officialy launced on the 2017-05-17 after putting in alot of work to makesure our
users get an unforgetable experience when they visit the site as our visitors satisfaction is
our topmost priority amidst others.

techwahala was originally a forum for tech and gadgets lovers,providing quick fix soluTions to
your phone,laptop,and gadgets issues,until we moved from the Xenforo software to wordpress,most people
will ask why? the answer to that question remains that our visitors satisfaction is our topmost priority.
as most of our regular visitors suggested severally that we move to wordpress as it will be easy to
navigate and most of all that it was user friendly,and we granted their wish on the 12 of february 2018
and we’ve never regretted making the change.

Techwahala is a blog where you can get tutorials and tips related to blogging, social media, mobile devices,
computers,laptops money-making ideas. Hence, bloggers, web designers, Internet entrepreneurs, information
marketers, freebies fans and people with general interests in social media will find the blog posts
relevant and interesting.

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