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How To Start Palm Oil Exportation In Nigeria


Palm oil is eatable oil utilized in the arrangement of numerous dishes. Usually to West African nations, got kernel. To export out palm oil you have to set up contact with outside purchasers. Ware export  is extremely worthwhile business with moderate difficulties. You require fund, supply of the item, purchasers, trade permit. Fortunately the business […]

How To Start A Event Planning Business


If you considering a career as an event planner, whether you going to be starting with a company or just by your own. Event planner are those individuals whose job are to manage and develop big or small events like weddings, festivals, ceremonies and so much more. To be a good and successful event planner […]

Reasons Why Accidents Happens In Nigeria


Many have lost loved ones, family and friends through road accidents, which is increasing and alarming . There are many reasons why accidents happen and if there’s no correction made to this problem, more will lose lives and properties. Some reasons are self made and some are caused by the government,  accidents not just take […]

Ways To Get Driver’s License In Nigeria

Anybody who owns a car or wants to be a driver in Nigeria, you must have a driver’s license which is very important not just for driving alone also but for some other purposes in this country. Nigeria’s driver’s license is also similar to that of united states and other European countries. If you are […]

How To Start Cucumber Farming Business


  Cucumber farming is a business most Nigerians ignore because their busy chasing white collar jobs and are ignorant of profits there are going to make in cucumber business. Cucumber is consumed world wide and the demand for its is becoming very high. Cucumber is good in fight against cancers, treatment for diabetics, skin irritations, […]

How To Start Cassava Plantation Business


Cassava business in Nigeria is getting lucrative with every passing day, it’s a among farm products that has been a source of food for most Nigerians. Most Nigerians consume cassava products almost everyday like garri, wheat flour and lot more. It’s a profitable business and if you about to delve into cassava business production and […]

Reasons Why Most Business Fall


In a country where population is increasing daily, so does new business increases too. Most business falls or collapsed eventually due a particular reason or more and most don’t know why or how or where went wrong along the line. This article will show where most people fail in their business; Poor Marketing Skills marketing […]

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